My Dirty Paws
An art project about shelter & rescue animals



MY DIRTY PAWS began as a passion project I created in 2014 to document the lovely souls that I met at animal shelters. A lot of shelter animals are instantly labeled as difficult and trouble, but only with a little more patience and love, you will get to see the true characters underneath their fearful shells. They all have their unique personalities -- quirky, goofy, affectionate, shy, outgoing, you name it. These dirty paws are not less-than-desirable animals waiting for your pity. They may have come from an unfortunate past that need more TLC to trust humans again, but the love they give is just as much, if not more! 

Each animal is special. Each story is touching in its own way. I want to capture their beauty through every illustration and tell the stories of how these animals have become loving family members. 

This project has grown into a much bigger scope since then, but my objective remains the same -- to encourage people to see the beautiful souls of these animals and motivate more people to adopt. To the world, that is just one animal out of millions. But to that animal, you will forever change his/her world. 

- Stacy 


I'm a visual artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. To see my other artwork, please visit


Thanks for your interest in commissioning me for a custom illustration. I take every project personally and would love to create a special piece of art for you. 

My goal is to create unique and soulful pieces, inspired by the animals' spirit and your affection for them, that document that special love.

Please send me a message at and I'll get back to you with details and rates. Please include in your email at least one photo of your cat or dog. Look forward to discussing the project with you!


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